“Thank you… It is good to know someone in this country cares about me and my family.”   A Congolese refugee

The Refugee Support Center (RSC) is a 501 (c)(3), volunteer-based organization established to facilitate the transition of local refugees to a new life in our community by providing them services, helping them access resources, and developing their skills to promote self-sufficiency.  Founded in July 2012 and recipient of the 2016 North Carolina Peace Prize, annually we serve approximately 900 refugees, primarily from Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria. During their first three months after arrival, refugees are assisted by resettlement agencies which have cooperative agreements with the Department of State to provide reception and placement services to newly arrived refugees. After 90 days, these agencies typically must phase out. Our services are most often sought immediately after this ninety-day period and continue on an as-needed basis.

The world is experiencing the largest refugee crisis in global history. An unprecedented 65.6 million have been forcibly displaced from their homes because of violence, persecution, and war. There are 22.5 registered refugees. Current US policy reduced this year’s number of refugee admissions for the upcoming year to 30,000, the lowest in the history of US resettlement. Please see our advocacy page for what you can do.

rohingya family

Our volunteers accompany first-time voters to polls.
Parent orientation for summer camp, June, 2016.