Nine ways you can give to refugees in our community:

Please Note: In order to do our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19, we are only accepting monetary donations at this time. Thank you for your continued support!

1. Make a financial donation via PayPal to the Refugee Support Center.

Our PayPal is linked here.

Or mail us a check for any amount. Your gift IS tax deductible!

Refugee Support Center
PO Box 1025
Carrboro, NC  27510

The Refugee Support Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit community service agency. We receive no federal government funding and are on a shoestring budget.  No donation is too small. If you consider holding a fundraiser, let us help.

2. Purchase Food Lion gifts cards that we can give to the most needy of our families for groceries.

3. Offer to pay rent or utilities for a month or two for a newly arrived refugee family working to gain financial self-sufficiency.

4. Organize a group or use an existing group (faith-based congregation, neighborhood, work group, book group, etc.) to partner with a local resettlement agency in preparing for an expected family: furnish an apartment, stock it with groceries and household supplies, and/or prepare a culturally appropriate meal to be waiting for them upon arrival. (The Refugee Support Center is not a resettlement agency.)

Note: Food Stamps do not cover many items and so refugees spend money they really don’t have to secure these necessary items. We are grateful for all donations, but please call ahead to insure that we can accept you donations due to limited storage space. Donated items will only be accepted on a prearranged basis. Numbers 5, 6, and 7 refer to such items.

Due to COVID-19, we are NOT accepting the following items at this time.

5. Collect from others and donate paper products: paper towels, toilet paper, and boxes of  tissues. Collect from others and prepare bags of personal hygiene products.  All will be distributed to families in need.imag3367

6. Organize a collection and donate diapers. OR contribute to our GoFundMe campaign.
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7. Donate new, unopened, household cleaning supplies to the RSC to give to families.

8. Donate clothing. Gently used clothes for all ages are accepted based on need and storage space. Please call to inquire about if we are accepting clothing donations. Donations are accepted only on a prearranged basis. In deciding what to donate, please be mindful that the refugees we serve typically come from modest cultures. Please separate and label boxes or bags of clothes by gender and size (i.e., infant, toddler, boy, girl, woman, man).

9. Donate furniture to the RSC. The RSC does not have room to store furniture, but if you have items you think would be appropriate to donate, please call to inquire about them. If they are deemed appropriate and you can hold them until they are needed and can assist with delivery, we will find refugees who will put them to good use.

*We are grateful for donations but have limited storage space. Please call ahead to make sure we have space for your goods.

New BikeOther Ways to Help

1. Employ a refugee. Refugees have a strong work ethic and welcome the opportunity to have a job.

2. When interacting with a refugee, never underestimate the impact of small gestures on making a refugee feel welcome. A few examples:

  • slide over on the bus seat to make room for a refugee
  • hold the door for a refugee when both of you are entering or leaving a building at the same time
  • let a refugee get in front of you in  a line rather than competing to get there first
  • remember that when interacting with someone who doesn’t speak English very well, it doesn’t help to repeat yourself in a louder voice when they do not understand you. Instead, consider an alternative way of communicating such as using gestures, acting out information, drawing, or using Google images

“Refugees in our community are the bravest people I know. They are resilient and determined to make their lives better. Thank you for being willing to help them.”  Flicka Bateman