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Volunteer Opportunities
As a volunteer at the RSC, one person can make a big difference in the life of families in our community. Our volunteers range in age from 14 to 84, working in a wide array of occupations from students to professionals. The following service opportunities are currently available, but the possibilities are endless:pro bono lawyer

  • tutor refugee students and adults in their homes or at the Center
  • provide transportation for refugees to appointments and agencies
  • work at the Refugee Support Center to assist refugees who visit or contact us
  • translate and interpret, either in our office, by phone, or electronically
  • serve as a mentor for one family in the phase between being newly arrived and  achieving self-sufficiency
  • teach the DMV manual to individuals or small groups who need to pass their Learner’s Permit
  • assist with occasional website planning, design, and content management


Service Learning credits and/or class credit community experiences are available for a limited number of high school students if approved by appropriate school personnel.






Volunteering with the RSC has opened my eyes to the importance of cultural diversity within our community. In all honesty I’m not sure who has learned and gained more from the experience, me or my tutees! We practice English but we also exchange stories, share pictures, and laugh about the world around us.”      UNC graduate student

To become involved in organizing collection drives or to help refugees in less direct ways, please see our Donate page. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Flicka Bateman,

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